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ZMG scissor lifts with reliable quality, simple structure, high performance, makes operation safer, maintenance easier. Ideal for outdoor construction, maintenance and installation. 


     ● Superior Design

      Stronger Structure

        Wider Link

        Longer Extended Platform

     ● Reliable & Safe Operation

       Innovated Pothole Protection Design

       Descent Protection

     ● High Efficient Performance

        DeltaTech Control System

        30% Gradeability

        Longer Working Time

     ● Easy Maintenance

For more information, please contact : info@zmglift.com

  • Zero inside turning radius

    Zero inside turning radius makes possible precision movements in especially difficult places, while insuring the safety of its operators. It’s turning radius is extremely narrow , so the operator can maneuver in the most restricted spaces.

  • Overload Protection

    When the platform is overloaded, the overload protection system will alarm, and at the same time, scissor lifts will stop lifting and moving.

  • Drive Motor

    WHITE drive motor has longer working life, high stability and low demand for the working environment.

    Working Height: 6.52m / 21ft 5in
    Platform Height : 4.52m / 14ft 10in
    Length-stowed : 1.86m / 6ft 1in
    Width : 0.81m / 2ft 8in
    Lift Capacity : 280kg / 617lb
    Weight : 1240kg / 2734lb

● Auto brake system

● AC power to platform
● Manual braking release

● Airline to platform

● Emergency lowering

● GPS module

● Lanyard attachment points

● Obstacle alarm

● Emergency stop at both platform and ground controls

● AGM maintenance free batteries

● Hour meter

● Charging protection

● Drive flashing beacons

● Platform flashing beacons

● Motion alarm


● Electronic horn


● Descent alarm


● Descent protection


● Charging position regulation


● Tilt level sensor with audible alarm

● Overload protection system  
● On-board diagnosis system  

● Oil pipeline explosion-proof


● Pothole protection


● Safety brackets

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