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ZMG scissor lifts with reliable quality, simple structure, high performance, makes operation safer, maintenance easier. Ideal for indoor construction, maintenance and installation. 


     ● Superior Design

        Stronger Structure

        Wider Link

        Longer Extended Platform

     ● Reliable & Safe Operation

        Innovated Pothole Protection Design

        Descent Protection

     ● High Efficient Performance

        DeltaTech Control System

        25% Gradeability

        Longer Working Time

     ● Easy Maintenance

For more information, please contact : info@zmglift.com

  • Delta Tech Control System

    With Delta Tech PCU and ECU, ZMG scissor lifts can be operated more easily and flexibly, which maximize your productivity. Sensitive fault detection can analyze the malfunction timely, makes troubleshooting easier.

  • Innovative Pothole Protection

    Active pothole protection provides increased ground clearance, makes movement and operation more stable and safer. 

  • Zero inside turning radius

    Zero inside turning radius makes possible precision movements in especially difficult places, while insuring the safety of its operators. It’s turning radius is extremely narrow , so the operator can maneuver in the most restricted spaces.

    Working Height: 7.8m / 25ft 7in
    Platform Height : 5.8m / 19ft
    Length-stowed : 1.86m / 6ft1in
    Width : 0.76m / 2ft 6in
    Lift Capacity : 230kg / 507lb
    Weight : 1480kg / 3263lb
● Auto brake system● AC power to platform
● Manual braking release● Airline to platform
● Emergency lowering● GPS module
● Lanyard attachment points● Obstacle alarm
● Emergency stop at both platform and ground controls● AGM maintenance free batteries
● Hour meter● Charging protection
● Drive flashing beacons● Platform flashing beacons
● Motion alarm 
● Electronic horn 
● Descent alarm 
● Descent protection 
● Charging position regulation 
● Tilt level sensor with audible alarm 
● Overload protection system 
● On-board diagnosis system 
● Oil pipeline explosion-proof 
● Pothole protection 
● Safety brackets 
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