Smart Management

Smart Management And Remote Control System

This system contains hardware like Platform Control Unit (PCU), Engine Control Unit (ECU) and other controllers, and integrates smart modular software. The ECU is integrated by sensors, potentiometers, and communication modules. With software application, following functions are realized:

 - Smart equipment control (e.g. auto path planning, auto equipment setting up, battery management) 

- Equipment remote control (remote monitoring and diagnosis, rental management)


Application Example:

Equipment Internet

Use wireless WIFI, GPS, mobile internet and cloud platform, to track equipment location, diagnose equipment from inhouse.

Rental Management System

Rental company can use PC, Phone or Pad to login relevant APP or web-based system to track equipment location, diagnose equipment, make time management, manage rental rate, control dynamic passwords and conduct data analysis of the rental fleet, to optimize rental and utilization rate.


  • Real-Time Position

    * Machine Basic Information

    * Machine Location

    * Machine Time

    * Positioning accuracy within 10 meters

  • Remote control of Machine

    * Lock Machine Remotely

    * Restrict specific operations

    * Limit speed of motor

  • Historical working condition of machine

    * A set of working conditions is recorded every 2 minutes

    * Inquiry by time

    * Export data to Excel

  • Machine Management

    * Fault warning

    * Maintenance reminding

    * Machine statistics

    * Role management